We are doing well at our school and the community nearby is so impressed. I take this opportunity to thank you and your fellow staff for the great help you gave us.

Josephine John, Starehe Children’s Home, Tanzania – 25 January 2014

I have used your Practice Books with children from Y1 upwards who have failed with books they have been given before, and I am thrilled to find they can use their decoding skills to read a whole book independently.

Sarah Lewis, Special Needs Teacher St Mary’s Primary, Manchester – 15 January 2014

Children are keen readers and will often choose to sit and read when given a choice of activities. Children have also chosen to do their own writing projects during free time, even those who found writing difficult.

Julie Wilson, West Park Primary, London – 30 November 2013

We have had fabulous success with your resources in our school.

Deborah Wright, Milton Primary School, Leeds – 8 October 2012

I use Get Reading Right with our struggling readers and the books are at just the right level for them – quite challenging but not too challenging.

Shirley McIver, St Stephen’s School – 13 March 2012

Very exciting! Some great resources.

Susan Haines, Manor House Primary, Wales – 4 September 2011

The readers work and are very easy to implement. I have seen an increase in student engagement and achievement!

Alexander Clarke, Brookfield Primary, Essex – 3 April 2011

Today was our first day back to school. The children love the books. Their willingness to try to read the words was very strong. I think they were shocked they could apply their sound knowledge and then read lots of words in a book.

Catherine Byres, St Peters, Yorkshire – 8 February 2011